About Jeffrey A.

Photo Credit: Imre Gmelig

About Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire

##Tech Storyteller What you do makes a positive difference in people’s lives, and I tell compelling stories about it … in three languages. I am a multiplier, I connect with audiences of any size; excite, even motivate them to take action. Technology organizations often have trouble bridging the gap between tech and the human value of what they do. We all love shiny, new widgets, but we need bridges to help people in business, government, and community understand their value. That’s me. I’m the person who helps your potential clients and partners understand the value of your tech, of what you do. On the other side, I help technologists see the bigger picture: the business and human value of their work. What do you get out of this? Positive attention for your organization and all that flows from it. Measured in web traffic, partners, community, or leads, this attention builds tremendous value of its own. I currently do all this for a wonderful Drupal and digital business company called Acquia. Among other things, I produce the Acquia Podcast, case studies for Drupal.com while engaging in 20+ speaking engagements a year at software, government, and digital society conferences. I am co-creator of the DrupalCon “Prenote” institution, a beloved celebration of Open Source values, the Drupal community, and good, kitsch fun at more than 10 DrupalCons in Europe and the United States.

Some YouTube playlists:

##Performer I have been performing since I was about 9-years-old. I’ve done some theater, a lot of singing–first as a boy soprano, later as a tenor–in choirs and shows, and hundreds (if not thousands) of performances playing horn (aka “French Horn”), alphorn, trumpet, and more. I love telling stories. If you’re going to see me somewhere and you’d like me to bring an instrument along, just let me know. It could happen :-)

There’s not so much of me performing music online right now. I’ll look for some more to post.

##Cook Sharing recipes is like sharing hugs. I really like good food and I really like making it with and for my family and friends. Now that I have this site, post recipes I like here. It’ll help me find them the next time I want to make them and it’ll help me share them with you!